Seriously? Is It Just Me…

Seriously? I’m addicted to shoes…

Posted on: November 17, 2008

Not like an average girl “addicted”, to your everyday cute pair of black seasonal pumps for $70 at Off Broadway. Nope, I’m more like borderline rehab ADDICTED…to shoes that I pay too much for but will wear once or twice a season, shoes in colors I have no outfit to match, or shoes that I continue to wear to the point I’m physically pulling my toes apart from toe cramps (man those hurt).

It must be because my “shoes” are my “man” while I search for Mr. Right. Why? Cause my shoes make me feel special, hot and worth every single penny! Who needs a man, Seriously!


2 Responses to "Seriously? I’m addicted to shoes…"

Dear M
Seriously…….you have a problem if you can compare a man to a pair of shoes. Examine your comments about the shoes, you wear them once or twice and then it’s over, just like the men in your life. High price shoes and men don’t mean they will make you feel good for life. The both wear out overtime.
Try Target and/or Walmart, your standards may be too high, but after reading about your mother, I understand you come by it honestly.

Give thanks to your mom….I don’t think that I have ever seen her in the same pair of shoes….or even the same outfit…Seriously!?!

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