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Seriously…you deleted me from FACEBOOK!

Posted on: December 28, 2008

OK – a few weeks ago Mika and I were talking about the different people that we had added as “friends” on FACEBOOK – some we did not really want to add but felt obligated to add anyway – I told her “just add them and you can delete them in a few weeks and they will not know the difference” – little did I know that I would be “burned” in the same manner.

I have an “ex” who lives in St. Pete Beach – we briefly dated but have stayed friends over divorces, different couplings, job changes, etc. We became friends on facebook a few mos. ago. Every  now and then he would post something a bit “dirty” and I would delete it – but no big deal.

Well last week I went to wish him a “merry x-mas” on facebook and he was not listed as a “friend”. I was like WTF – I immediately emailed him to uncover the mystery. Well Paulie married a new wife within the last year and she made him delete anyone that he had been “intimate” with as being his friend on FACEBOOK…I was like “well, you must have lost half your friends – you perv”

This is weird for me – i understand why she would do that – even though i have absolutely “NO INTEREST” – (if I did, I would still be with him – whatever) – but none of my business….just feels weird to be shunned like that (or slapped with silence as they say on The Office). I guess I now know how it feels and need to rethink my Facebook etiquette….Seriously!

3 Responses to "Seriously…you deleted me from FACEBOOK!"

Seriously………that is about the worse thing that could happen to a person!

Seriously, Facebook should not be this complicated.

Life should not be this complicated! I am so ready for 2009.

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