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Seriously, did I adopt a son?

Posted on: October 26, 2009

This is what a real Cougar looks like!

A Real Cougar!

Television can do a lot for those of us living single. It can bring to light our struggles so that others can feel our pain, sympathize with us or in most cases make fun of our plight. Well, apparently the broadcasting industry has recognized that it’s now time for the life of a Cougar to go mainstream. For those of you who think I’m referring to the Animal Channel and their documentaries on large cats, then let me update you. A Cougar is the nickname for an older woman who dates men at least 8 years her junior typically in their 20s. Hence, the new show called Cougartown.

I’ll have to admit that I haven’t really watched any of the shows on the networks this season about these older women dating much younger men. Come on, I really don’t need to watch a show about it when I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. While dating a younger man can be very good, it also has some bad elements, and usually ends up getting ugly.


Fun Times: The older you get the less often you find yourself playing video games, air hockey, or throwing a round of darts at the bar. Hanging out with a younger man tends to bring out your playful side.

Channel Your Youth: If a young guy finds you attractive enough to hang out with, despite your age, then that can do a lot for the ego. I can’t tell you often I got carded hanging out with my cub.

A’s for Effort: This could easily get moved to The Bad or even The Ugly, especially if he’s unteachable. But for the most part, younger man are eager to learn new tricks and tips from the more experienced. It’s like Build A Bear, but for the bedroom.


Lack of Funds: This one is tough cause you don’t want to break his already fragile ego as a man coming of age by whipping out your credit card all the time. My personal rule was to stick with restaurants in his budget, let him pay the tab and the upscale meals were my treat.

The Roomies: Doing the walk of shame is bad enough, but when you have to make small talk with the roommate on your way out, that’s even worse.

Energizer Bunnies: As I’m sure you know from my previous posts, I need to eat with the old people in order to maintain a working digestive system, so dating a young guy can make that pretty difficult. People in their 20’s like to get started late, meaning dinner is usually at 9pm and the drinking continues well into the wee hours. If you just can’t keep up, Red Bull and Vodka did the trick for me. No one likes an old lady dragging the party down.


Identity Crisis: If you’ve managed to make it out of your 20’s alive, then you know that it takes all of that decade and then some to get a good handle on who you are, where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Watching someone you are dating struggle through this period of finding themselves can be quite painful to watch. Especially when you know at the end of the journey, he will completely different from who he is today.

Non- Commital: Unless you are Demi Moore and can put enough of it on him to get him to marry you early in his adult life, then most likely he’ll be wanting nothing more than a good time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that unless you’ve got a biological clock ticking loudly in your ear. If that’s the case, pass on the young man and find yourself someone who is ready to settle down. Nothing sadder than realizing you’ve lost precious years playing video games and drinking cheap beer on many a school night.

Raising Arizona: With age comes wisdom and a younger guy often looks to you for advice, guidance and direction to help him sort out his life. Sounds harmless at first, except you end up becoming more of a mother figure instead of the hot older woman to enjoy. It’s almost like having a son you’ve neither birthed or raised.

While the rest of the world may find it comical to put the spotlight on the challenges of dating a younger man, it can be a credible dating option. I truly cared for the young man I was dating and have literally watched him grow up over the past several years. I sometimes find myself thinking,”wait, he must be my age by now”, but then I remember that I’m growing older right along with him. Guess that means I will always be a Cougar to him, seriously?

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I wouldn’t know anything about this “Cougar Thingy”

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