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Seriously, just another day at the pool.

Posted on: March 17, 2010

Ever stop to think how dating is a lot like being in a gigantic swimming pool with a bunch of other single people. The goal is to find a mate, get out of the pool and go dry off in the sun together. If you hate the water, you are most likely vigorously splashing around grabbing on to anyone within three feet of you. If you like the water, you are probably lazily floating around doing the back stroke not caring who you bump in to.

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Free Floating?

There are people getting together and helping one another out of the pool, only to have to jump back in and start all over again. Some are diving head first into the deep end, then they quickly resurface gasping and gulping for air. While others are dipping their toes in the shallow end with the look of fear in their eyes. Some times you hear a loud shriek as some poor soul was just pushed in against his/her will. And then there’s the group of gawkers standing by the edge of the pool wishing they could join in.

So where are you?

Me? I’m holding out for some hot guy to swim my way and carry me out the pool, until then I’ll just hang out on my nice comfy float, sip on a cocktail and take it all in, seriously!


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When it comes to water, I’m just plain scared! I’ll float and dangle my feet when it comes to water, but when it comes to relationships, I dive in head first and hope the right person is around to save me from drowning, thus I don’t trust the water, or the lifeguard. Plus, I don’t want to get my hair wet, if I/he cannot afford to get it done professionally again ASAP!

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