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Seriously…can you stop him from cheating?

Posted on: March 29, 2010

I don’t know about you but I’m really tired of reading in the papers or on the Internet about another celebrity or political husband who has cheated on his wife…repeatedly. What I can’t come to terms with is if these recently reported rashes of infidelity are indicative of a national epidemic or just a few husbands who can’t keep their zippers shut.

Given the number of married men who have hit on me and my friends, I’m inclined to lean towards the position that the majority of married men are cheating. Of course, this doesn’t bode well for the single woman searching for someone to marry. The risks of staying married are great enough as they are, but adding to that the challenge of keeping your man faithful seems daunting. Here’s what I tell myself as a single woman witnessing the fall of marriages to infidelity:

1. Remember to keep yourself up. Of course, many a beautiful woman has been cheated on but getting hitched certainly doesn’t give me the license let myself go. As tempting as it is to adorn the frumpy lounge wear and never color my hair again, I must continue to keep myself in shape, made up and stylish. Oh and this goes both ways, no woman wants to come home to a beer bellied, hairy man every night.

2. Remember to do the do. Men love sex, and if I don’t want him to have sex with someone else, guess that means I’ve got to have sex with him. Despite my low libido (when this happens), it is as much my responsibility to engage in physical intimacy with him as it is his. If we skip the sex stuff, then I might as well get me a gay roommate. Now, if the pharmaceutical companies would help women out with a female Viagra, maybe we would have more satisfied married men.

3. Remember to stay interesting. Let’s face it, no one marries a boring and unhappy person hoping they will stay that way for life. I’ve got to keep my hobbies, my friends and my social calendar, otherwise I become that woman with nothing to do, no one to hang out with, and nowhere to go. Then what would we talk about…ourselves? Yawner.

Unfortunately, being single does attract all kinds of men including the married ones. Knowing what attracts them to me while I’m single will hopefully stick with me should I end up married. There are lots of beautiful, interesting and sexy single women out there mixing and mingling with the marrieds of the world. And if despite my efforts, the guy I marry still strays, then I guess I’ll just have to find me a gay roommate. Seriously.

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EXCELLENT!! Sometimes it takes a single woman to set us married women straight. Great advice and I will try very hard not to walk around the house in those old frumpy clothes. Got the other two covered and he’s still faithful but then it’s only been 14 years and of course he’s 67 years old and tires easily. LOL

That’s wonderful – glad to hear you’ve got one of the faithful ones! A little frumpy every now and then is a must. Thanks for reading!

Exactly! ……………..When are they gonna make something for women, we are the ones who need it!
Yes at first it’s all that, and a bag a chips, plus the dip, and an RC Cola on the side, then when you get tired of picking up their “drawers” and more………..!
Sex is just that, sex, no need for pictures. I wish I knew or had what men do so we could stay on the same page longer. Sometimes I wonder?… is there anything more to life then sex to men? Keeping myself up is more important., but all that does is make men want you more sex………………I’m confused 😦

The reason why we loose interest in sex faster then men is because they forget the passion in it sometimes. They forget when you first dated all the romanctic things they did to get it. The same goes today… they must keep the passion in sex in order to get more of it.

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