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Seriously, even a little fish can make a big splash.

Posted on: April 18, 2010

Today I learned that Hal Wilson lost his battle with cancer last week. I never met Hal and he certainly never knew that I even existed. Although we attended the same church, I only saw him at service maybe once or twice in all of my two years of attendance. Yet those few times I saw Hal, he was happily reading the Sunday morning announcements despite how ill he was looking and I’m sure feeling. Even though he spoke for less than 2 minutes, I couldn’t help but feel his sense of positivity, peacefulness and joy for the life that God had blessed him with. As he spoke about his battle with cancer, I realized that if this man, who was dying before my very eyes, could love God, eagerly praise Him and continue to be grateful for each day than who was I to complain about the cards I had been dealt. And so every time I found myself struggling with my life, I would think of Hal Wilson. While he never knew me, he had left a serious impact on my heart.

So often I wonder to myself, what is my purpose? Why am I in the place that am, doing the things I’m doing, surrounded by the people I know? I pray regularly to find my place in this world, where I can inspire others and make a difference in this hurtful and unfair world. I often think that those prayers are going unanswered and that maybe I’m just a small fish in a very large pond full of strong leaders and activists.

And then, I received a Facebook message from an old high school class mate. We weren’t good friends, and in fact I vaguely remembered him even as I was squinting at his tiny profile picture trying to place him. He wanted to let me know that the day I thwarted his attempts of being a super cool pick up artist by telling him to just be himself and maybe girls would go out with him had made an impact on him. As that day started to come back to me, I remembered that I was frustrated, annoyed and bored with his stupid antics and I just said what did so I could get away from him. Well apparently, I had set him on a course of change, and over the next several years he worked on discovering who he really was and eventually found Christ. My words, said at the age of 14 or 15, with no real thought behind them had made an impact.

All of this to say, that I can and do make a difference every day. Often that difference will go unnoticed, acknowledged or rewarded but that’s the beauty of it. It’s in what you say to a person, it’s in the attitude behind a boring announcement, it’s in the way you live your life that matters. So when I think I’m just a small fish in a big pond, I will remember that I am serving my purpose with the words that someone needs to hear, the smile that someone needs to see and the love that someone needs to receive. And so I shed just a few tears of joy this morning, as I remembered the man who helped me remember what life is all about. If only I too could leave the same impact on someone like Hal left on me, seriously.

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Today you delivered the words I needed to hear from God. Thank you Lord for your message and your messenger.

We have to think that most of the small things in life that are really MORE important. I never dreamed that the throws and blankets that I have made for Hospice patients would bring as much joy, happiness and thanks. I was in a store and a young man did not have enough money to pay for milk and a few baby items, I gave him $10.00 to cover the bill. I once pay rent for a women with two sons. Helping to feed the homeless was a very humbling experience. Giving a young girl a $110.00 pair of shoes to wear to her prom.

We all make a difference on someones life, it may just be a smile or kind word. If we have a loving heart many times we will never know the true outcome.

Many times we question our purpose, which is just being HERE.

Well said..

I could not respond to this blog immediately. My eyes were full of tears and I felt as if I actually knew Mr. Wilson, or at least felt his spirit pass over me.
What a wonderful way to have your eyes open to realize that even when I feel like a little fish in a big pond, I have touched someone’s life in a positive way.
Thank you Hal, Mika, and God!

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