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Seriously, I like you.

Posted on: June 23, 2010

Passing NotesI was in elementary school when I received my first love letter from a boy. Back in my day we didn’t have texting, emails or Facebook (and we walked uphill in the snow, both ways), so notes were done the old fashioned way…on wide ruled notebook paper.

As I was attentively listening to my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Arnold, explain how to add fractions, a small triangular piece of paper is flung on my desk. If I hadn’t been overtly aware of my surroundings I might have missed it but there it was folded horizontally three to four times and then folded repeatedly into a tight fat triangle. An observant teacher would have channeled her student’s unique paper folding techniques and maybe conducted an origami lesson or two?

On the top of the note, I see my name misspelled and so illegible that the poor author was clearly getting an F in penmanship. (Do they still teach this in schools today?) I quickly and stealthily scan the room as my heart races trying to determine which of my fellow male classmates had the guts to pass me a note during class. After failing to achieve any sort of eye contact from the sender, I anxiously unfold the note to see the words that form one simple sentence. Do you like me? Underneath is a box labeled Yes and next to it, a box labeled No. Signed Michael*.

The other day it dawned on me that the art of the like is gone especially when it comes to relationships, and I was reminded of the infamous elementary school ‘do you like me’ note. It seems the older we get the harder it is to tell someone that we like them. Despite your feelings, there’s the fear and anxiety of wondering if you’re revealing too much, too early or if he will think that you are wanting something more, too soon. I can’t remember the last time I heard or said I like you to a date. Part of life is about meeting and getting to know other people, and there are some, male or female, that you will like and there are others that you won’t.

One of my favorite things about Facebook is the abiity to “like” something instead of having to write a response. You can like pictures, statuses, comments, or businesses that you frequent. You simply click Like and a thumbs up displays next to your name. Maybe this simple process will remind us that is cool to tell others that we like them.

Although I was probably only eight years old, after reading my first like note, I unfortunately followed the lead of all other girls before me and made a box titled “maybe” and marked it accordingly. And thus begins the single girl’s journey of navigating the tricky waters of telling a boy how she really feels about him.

Just admit it, you like him. Seriously?

* More like name forgotten than name changed in this case.

4 Responses to "Seriously, I like you."

Hmm…I didn’t realize it was that hard to do these days. Now it is good to like and develop a friendship so that the bond of love can be stronger. Even though elementary school is long gone…never gave thought to how hard it is to say you like someone.. I guess most people just leave it to their actions and that leaves the person guess. ___ yes ___ no ____maybe?

Thanks all for your comments. Everyone gets so worked up over I love you, but I think I like you is just as important. It speaks to their personality and the qualities that you find enjoyable about them. Being liked makes you smile!

I’m bold! I say put it out there, then sink or swim. Life’s too short for elementary school games.
But be prepared for that dreaded word “NO” aka “Rejection”, not that’s the part nobody wants to hear, but at least you know where you stand and maybe gives you a chance to change that person’s mind or to just move on to the next fish in the sea.
(but with the BP oil spill in the ocean, soon there may not be any fish left in the sea)

John Doe is probably not your name but I’ll assume you’re a male and for being a “real man” expressing yourself I LIKE YOU! Mika I like you for making us realize how far we’ve come in distancing ourselves. I even like saying “I like you” need to tell more people how I feel about them and not just click on the word.

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