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Seriously, a little more fashion and less faux pas.

Posted on: June 30, 2010

I love clothes. Although, I love shoes and purses more, I’m still all about having a good fashion sense. If I didn’t have to pay for a roof over my head, heat and food, I would probably wear the latest designer labels, own more than just my burberry and coach bags, and create my own slice of heaven with a walk-in shoe closet.

I understand and respect that most people do not share my love of fashion. Not everyone comes from a line of women who consider shopping a sport or own so many articles of clothing that they never wear the same thing twice. However, I do believe that every woman should embrace a personal style and dress nicely where appropriate. Contrary to what people think it does not take a lot of money to have a sense of style and the capability to dress up. (TJMaxx and friends.)

As I move about in today’s society, particularly in this country, I can’t help but notice the lack of style and fashion sense. When I was growing up, which despite my perception wasn’t that long ago, people would get dolled up when they traveled on an airplane, went to see a play or ballet, and without question, on a job interview. Yes, the days of business suits are long gone but come on people, crocs and oversized jeans is not business casual. So for those who think that dressing nicely is an act of vanity and an unnecessary evil, let me share some thoughts with you on why dressing for the occasion is in your best interest:

1. Boosts your self confidence. Yes, sweat pants are comfortable but they were made for working out, not to wear to dinner, work or church. Try and remember the last time you put on a new outfit that fit like glove? Nothing gives you a shot of confidence like doning a well put together outfit. When it fits, matches and is stylish, you feel good about yourself and everyone else can see it.

2. Gains respect and admiration. Unfortunately, people do judge a book by it’s cover and first impressions count. Looking nice and put together let’s others know that you care about yourself and have a good sense of self worth. If you’re in a position of power, trying to bring in sales, or need to connect with other people, then schlepping around in an ill-fitted, age inappropriate or out of date outfit isn’t going to help your cause. At least put on an outfit that fits your body type.

3. Outlet for expressing yourself. I realize this is the stumbling block for most people. You don’t know what looks good, but frankly not trying looks even worse. With all the fashion shows on television now, I’m sure you can find a look that expresses your sense of style. Are you a classic, hippy or trendsetter? Everyone has got a style about them, and clothes are one of the best ways to express who you are as a person.

It just doesn’t make sense for grown women to be paying so little attention to themselves and their appearance. When the occasion calls for some respect and appreciation, please put on a dress instead of a pair of old jeans, pull on a pair of sandals instead of your beach flip flops, and apply some make up to brighten up your face. I bet with just little more effort, you’ll discover that you see a few more head turns your way, walk a little bit taller and feel a bit better about yourself, seriously?

4 Responses to "Seriously, a little more fashion and less faux pas."

You have probably heard I am not really into the latest or the best clothes (although I do love TJ Maxx and Ross)however today as I was leaving for work my husband said I bet you dress better than everyone else in your office. And he was right! Friday is “dress-down” day at the office and we all wear jeans but it’s also the only day everyone looks like they care about their appearance. What is this world coming to? Seriously!!!

All I can is Right ON!! oh yeah WORD… uhhh I can dig it!

I can’t comment on just one of these stories. They are all wonderful and some I found myself laughing hysterically. I love all of them, you have found a way to make someone laugh at themselves, for I am sure we have seen ourselves in many of these situations at some time. Thank you for writing such wonderful stories and I hope you continue.

Thanks Betty for your readership. I’m glad that you can find something to laugh about and hopefully make your day a little brighter.

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