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Seriously, you might be a traveling control freak…

Posted on: August 25, 2010


The joys of flying!

Now, I could probably throw a rock in any direction and easily hit someone who struggles with control issues. I tend to believe there are very few people out there who can let everything just roll off their backs. I mean, no one truly likes to feel out of control and depending on how distrustful you’ve become in your “old” age, you tend to cling to anything that you think you can control.

However, when you take it to the extreme, I can’t help but call you as I see you – a control freak. All this to say, it became painfully obvious during some recent trips with my girlfriends that we definitely have some control issues.

So, of course it was fitting that I outline some key points that indicate when you might be a traveling control freak:

1. You never check your luggage. When you would rather pack two t-shirts for a week long trip and drag your suitcase throughout several airports instead of trusting baggage handlers to transport your luggage to your destination, you might be a traveling control freak.

2. You don’t request housekeeping. When you refuse to bask in the beauty of having someone else clean up after you every day because they might go through your things, then you might be a traveling control freak.

3. You won’t use a travel agent. When you would rather spend hours surfing the Internet for low fares and hotel promotions instead of piggy backing off a professional’s discount because you’re confident they won’t get it right, you might be a traveling control freak.

4. You hate flying. When you require anti-anxiety drugs to reach your destination upon which you then criticize the pilots take off and landing techniques, you might be a traveling control freak.

5. You ignore your GPS. Despite having no idea how to get to your destination, you still second guess the directions supplied by your GPS because it just doesn’t feel right, you might be a traveling control freak.

Of course, traveling these days can make the most patient and calm person slit their wrists, so no wonder it highlights issues of control, lack of trust and anxiety. Honestly, it might not kill us to one day check our carry-on bags, fly out west, then hop in a car and just see where the GPS takes us, no questions asked, seriously?

3 Responses to "Seriously, you might be a traveling control freak…"

That was funny!! Whoo Whee..

HUH? If I could afford it I would have the housekeeper clean my house after they have booked my trip making sure I don’t have to carry anything on board the flight I’m looking forward to and they can use the GPS to get me where I need to go. Guess I’m not a traveling control freak; or maybe I’m just lazy – seriously!!!!

That’s funny. Maybe all I need is a Travel Assistant.

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