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Seriously, an ode to Halloween!

Posted on: October 27, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin

Gimme Some Candy!

It’s certainly difficult to believe that another month from the year 2010 is almost over. With the approach of the cold winter months upon us and a time change that returns us back into darkness looming, you can’t help but anticipate the arrival of Halloween.

To be honest, I’ve always struggled internally with this spook-tacular holiday as it was a mere two days after my birthday and most people wanted to just make it a two-for-one celebration. I grew up believing my birthday was all about me (truth be told, still do), so sharing it with a holiday that focused on pumping out sweets to everyone who formed three little words made it feel…not so special. But it sure was fun!

While I’m no longer a big fan of holiday celebrations, the fact that one of the most controversial holiday’s high points, trick or treating, is dying a slow death has been weighing heavily on my mind. As I reminisce upon the Halloween’s of my childhood, I realized that long gone are the days:

  • when kids would dress up in a hand-made costume designed by a creative mom with very little extra spending money;
  • when no one thought twice about letting a group of 8-10 year olds in masks roam the streets after dark begging random strangers for candy, baked goods and sodas;
  • when everyone celebrated the holiday on the same day and afterwards we all retired to our homes high on sugar and fructose syrup without being paranoid that it would later give us some form of cancer.

Maybe it’s just me, but the biggest tradition of Halloween feels lost and instead we now have:

  • parents choice on when to take children trick or treating. I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me why the rest of us are expected to have enough candy for the weekend instead of just one night;
  • advertising directed at kids that suggests hand-made costumes are embarrassing and that Mommy should buy an expensive plastic one instead of using her creativity to make you an outfit;
  • to worry that the wares you so skillfully acquired during your trick or treating hour will apparently kill you and if not, at least stain your teeth badly.

Boo! No pun intended, but Halloween seems unfamiliar without the trick or treating. I’m sad for my nephew who may never truly know how much fun this holiday was when the world was not trying to harm you or make a profit off you.

I guess this Hallowed Eve is best left to the adults as we dress up in our most scantily clad outfits, throw back a few alcoholic beverages and wake up the next day actually feeling like a zombie instead of just playing one. Seriously?

Have a safe and fun Halloween! Boo Ya’ll!

7 Responses to "Seriously, an ode to Halloween!"

HALLOWEEN is just plain “Hollow”. Eight years ago was my first halloween in GA. I rushed to buy the goodies and $25.00 later turn on the lights and sat the bowls by the door and I waited and waited and no one show up and I was Boo Boo face. The next day was the 28th and I found out that Holloween is celebrated in school and churches on the 26th. and to this day I have not seen one person in a costume. By the way today Oct. 27th is HOLLOWEEEN in Sylvania….Whoooo knew??

I agree Petey. Why can’t we celebrate it on the day of, randomly choosing dates is so confusing and inconvenient.

I couldn’t agree with you more.
Remember “Mrs Pac Man”?

Mrs. Pac Man was an awesome costume. Would love to find a picture of it for this post? Hint Hint.

I often wonder if the kids of today will have the same comments about their Halloween experience. Will they say how they had great halloweens like we think we did? In essence they have nothing to compare theirs experiences too. So I guess its fun for them as well.

Good Point, Kathy. I just hate they won’t get to participate in one of the biggest activities surrounding Halloween. I’m sure they love it as it is, but some traditions are simply better than others.

Now I’m confused; who celebrates Halloween on the 28th? It’s always on the 31st; of course if you’re having a party at work then it’s celebrated whenever the boss says it’s okay but Halloween it’s still Oct. 31st. Speaking of memories; yes we all have our own and depending on your generation will determine your memories; we can only hope the kids today will enjoy themselves as much as we have. Mrs. Pac Man was a costume? Who’s Mrs. Pac Man? Must not be my generation when we were hobos, clowns & ghosts.

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