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Seriously, beware of a lyricist’s snare.

Posted on: November 3, 2010

About a week ago while getting my weekly entertainment news fix, I came across an article revealing that the young pop-country “songstress” (and I use that term loosely), Taylor Swift had indeed written a song about her now shattered love affair with John Mayer. My first reaction was, is she old enough to be dating him, but then without really caring what the answer was to that question I wondered what is the attraction to this guy?

Love Notes

La La Lie to Me Meee

If you know anything about celebrity gossip you are all to aware that while John is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and says incredibly ignorant and incoherent things to the media on a regular basis, he has a ex-girlfriend roster that reads like an all-star female cast movie blockbuster. From Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Anniston, to rumored attempts with Kim Kardashian and now the young Taylor Swift. If I’m being honest, I’m quite baffled.

Unfortunately, Americans tend to idolize their celebrities to the point where if they wobble or (gasp), actually fall of their star-studded pedestals, everyone cries in astonishment at their imperfections. However, I like to think of celebrities more like a snapshot of society’s gene pool as they tend to be just as wounded, scared and rejected as the rest of us. So when I think of John Mayer and his continuous move from relationship to relationship, I can’t help but attempt to find the parrallels of his issues with the rest of ours. Despite not knowing anything about him or his lady friends, a few things do stand out to me:

1. The saying that women fall in love with their ears and not their eyes is certainly true in this case. Clearly, the awkwardly shaped John is not the hottest male celebrity on the market, which tells me he must be doing a dynamite job serenading these beautiful blonde bombshells with the lyrics from his poetic songs.

2. That he must actually treat their bodies as a wonderland, which in layman terms means, he’s getting the job done in the bedroom. Let’s face it, a woman that is being treated right in the sack tends to stick like glue.

3. Even though recent girlfriends have witnessed John’s track record of breaking hearts, they still continue to go out with him against their better judgement and end up being sweep away in some lyrical emotional trap. My only guess is that these starlets also suffer from a bad case of “I’m special enough to tame this bad boy” syndrome. How’s that working for you, Taylor?

Sadly, it seems that this is simply just a celebrity version of the same scenarios regular folks go through on a daily basis; a man who is afraid of commitment seducing beautiful women who don’t think they are worthy of a good honest man doing the gut wrenching dating dance.

Of course, in this particular case my black sisters don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of by this Yahoo, after he so inarticulately informed us all that he can’t bring himself to sleep with black women even though he thinks they’re hot (and I’m putting it mildly). I’m betting all the celebrity blondes who fell in his snare were wishing they were as lucky, seriously?

10 Responses to "Seriously, beware of a lyricist’s snare."

I personally think that most celebrities (and I don’t mean all) are a bunch of WHORES! Men alike. It’s like you make a movie or write a song with someone you get to Sleep with them! Whoooo how lucky am I. I don’t think for one minute that they think about wanting a future of marriage and family. I’m just sayin….

I agree. I don’t think John Mayer is trying to “settle down” with anyone. He’s just being a bachelor and having his fun as a celebrity.

I recently saw an article per a blog post that John was looking to settle down but he was going to have to go “backwards” rather than ahead to find the right women – what? Again, incoherent comments and he pulls in the ladies. Jennifer Anniston having dated him makes my heart sad.

I guess he is no different than most folks who are
“Waiting On The World To Change”
(rather than changing themselves).
With all his “Blond”sleep-overs, his world might just change sooner than he thinks.
Taylor Swift……………….seriously?
I thought Love was blind! I’m learning Lust is just as blind!

Clever comment Bonnie – Lust is blind!

I actually met John pre-celebrity days…i had a red slush puppy stain across my teeth i found out, after the fact…great pic! he was actually performing in the 3pm time slot at riverstages or some “no name band guy goes here” timeframe…there were like 12 ppl there to being me, and needless to say, he did not ask me on a date. what IS his deal?

Hmm Kelsey, maybe it’s because you’re not blonde?

Who’s John Mayer? Seriously!

Okay I just googled him (I’m sure that’s what you are all telling me to do) and I have one question – Who’s John Mayer? Don’t get it, don’t know him, never heard him or heard of him – guess I’m just out of touch; but doesn’t seem I’ve missed much. Of course you’re right Mika when you say celebs are like regular people; although I think more wounded.

He’s an incredible musician, boyfriend not so much. You’re not missing much, seriously!

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