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Seriously, why all the hostility?

Posted on: December 15, 2010

female-dogNow I’ve never been married, so I don’t know what it feels like to have a husband who works with, socializes with or finds himself in the company of single women. I’m sure if someone has trust and/or jealousy issues then this could be a big problem for their marriage. However, I do know what it’s like to find myself having to socialize with married men, mainly for professional reasons, and to be treated so poorly by their wives simply for being single. These women (bless their hearts) are clearly struggling with some issues, but it’s always in my best interest to spot them early on and then steer clear. For those who have yet to experience the chilly demeanor of a mean wife, here are a few signs:

1. You are constantly having to tell her your name. Despite having met her at more than one company function, dinner party and/or social event, your name “escapes” her memory every time.

2. You feel a sharp pain in the back of your neck from the daggers she’s shooting at you through her eyes. If I’m talking to her husband, when I feel these nasty glares darting my way, I take an extra step back away from her man and limit my laughter. I clearly will not be able to express any enjoyment while conversating with her spouse.

3. You find yourself engaged in a conversation with her where she continues to deliver back handed compliments about your outfit, shoes and/or accessories. Now, this is always so comical to me because it’s always the wives who don’t work outside the home, and spend up their husbands money who find it appropriate to play the I have more than you do game. Really?

4. You find yourself biting your tongue while she proceeds to give you unsoliciated “advice” on why you’re not married. Comments such as, you’re too picky, too independent or unapproachable seem far reaching and clearly inappropriate especially when they’ve never spent more than 15 minutes with you. You don’t even know my name, why do you care if I’m still single or not?

Now contrary to what some married women think, most single women do not want your husband. I have several married friends, who are confident in their marriages, trust their husbands and care enough to know the people he works with on a regular basis. Therefore, when the mean wives rear their ugly heads, I simply smile, nod and dish out my own dose of back handed compliments right before I say a small prayer for their husbands. Seriously.

5 Responses to "Seriously, why all the hostility?"

I agree 100%. It is a security issue for these women. Men look at all women and all ages.
I get that from women who just feel the need to say something about your attire …just because you look good!
Their singing to themselves Drake’s song… “oh u fancie, hair dun, nails dun, everything big, Oh u fancie”..

Haters!!! They wanna be like you but can’t, so you gotta hate it for them. It’s a lonelier world for a stay at home mother, than it is for a single female without children.
On the other hand:
There are a few in my world with the opposite problem. Can girls have fun without you always having your man tag-a-long, who contributes nothing to the group activity or conversation. But complains about being around a bunch of hens all evening when he gets home. Seriously “stay home and watch TV” or call your mama if you’re that needy!

Women are ridiculous. Honestly- if you can’t trust your husband (or even boyfriend for that matter) to be around pretty single women then you probably shouldn’t be with him. Trust is important.

Maybe I will think differently when I am married but I honestly would rather become friends with the woman b/c that way she has to be friends with me and not my hubby! LOL

LOL- I feel like you just stumbled into Desperate Housewives of Jersey!

Oh My is that back-biting still going on? I’ve been out of the single scene so long I forgot about those “married women with issues”. Mika you’re gorgeous and you are going to feel the stab of jealousy more often then not. Hold your head high you can’t help if you’re a better woman and for that matter person then the clingy wife who needs to get a life.

Here I thought it was just me with these nasty wives, but apparently it’s a problem for lots of us. Lauren, it does feel like Desperate Housewives a bit. As one wise Real Housewife once wrote – “I fly above all the haters!”

Thanks all for reading.

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