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With the passing of each year, it sickens me how fast it goes by with no more than the sound of a whisper. Yet ringing loudly in my ears, are the adults’ voices from my childhood mocking my naive frustration at how slowly my life was taking at delivering the requisite milestones of youth. However, the beginning of a new year symbolizes hope, change and opportunity which are all reasons I enjoy this time of the year. (It’s certainly not for the weather, yikes).

As most bloggers are writing posts on memories from the previous year, or what they anticipate occurring in the upcoming year, I decided that I would reflect on the things I won’t do this year. More specifically, the things that I often find myself forgetting to do until I’m reminded too late that another year is gone.

Therefore, this year, I won’t forget:

1. To find time every morning to meditate, reflect and pray. The day always looks a little brighter after spending a few minutes alone with God.

2. To tell those whom I love how much they mean to me. Unfortunately, I’m not good at verbally sharing my thoughts and feelings. Maybe a text or short email to them every once in a while could be the message that makes their day survivable.

3. To remember my dreams and goals. Life is certainly meant to be enjoyed not endured, and moving towards a dream makes the valleys not as pointless and the peaks even more hopeful.

4. To spend time enjoying my own company. Interestingly enough, living alone you tend to often be alone, but I’m usually watching hours of reality TV marathons instead of journaling, taking a walk, or enjoying an afternoon latte.

5. To be more thankful. This is definitely a thought process that can change my life, and I know it first-hand and through the effects it has had on others. I’m not talking about Pollyanna-ing life, but truly finding something to be thankful for every day, even if it’s that I didn’t oversleep. I know it’s challenging to be thankful when life is throwing me a round of one-two punches, but if I can see the small things that are good, it could help me take my blows like a champ.

Recently, I read a quote by Eric Butterworth — “don’t go through life, grow through it”. Sometimes it’s just the small changes that you strive for that make it worthwhile. Life is certainly full of ups and downs, and this year, I don’t want to forget the good things when I find myself having to weather the bad times. So I hope that your 2011 will be prosperous and full of the little things you won’t forget to do.

Oh, and one more thing…

I won’t forget that I’m too old to be climbing five foot brick walls wearing six-inch heels and a tight dress. I’ll just expect to be thrown over the wall by a guy I barely know as I expose myself to the crowd, just like I did on New Year’s Eve in 2010. Seriously!

Ah, birthdays! The one time of year where your loved ones take the time to celebrate your life through parties, sweet treats, and let’s not forget, gifts. This past Friday was my 36th birthday, and not to be outdone by my family and friends, my own body decided to bestow upon me a few presents just to say here’s to another year:

  1. The gift of a rash, apparently from the mixture of firming lotion and my previous year’s gift of having to now wear Spandx. FYI: Lotion + Spandx = Rash!
  2. The gift of an even lower tolerance for dairy products. I’ll spare you the details of this surprise present, but apparently each year, I should expect my lactose tolerance to significantly go down.
  3. The gift of required napping. I’ve rarely required an afternoon nap to finish out the day but apparently I’m now able to fall asleep with sunlight streaming through the windows, the TV on full blast, and sirens blaring in the background.

While I’ve had a wonderful birthday weekend celebrating with family and friends, it seems my body simply wasn’t going to let me forget that I am indeed another year older. Seriously!

Yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday, and honestly this isn’t where I thought I would be at this stage in my life. As I prepared mentally for the big day, I started thinking about what I know now that I wish I knew when I was 25 years old. Granted, I’ve gained quite a bit of wisdom over the years, but here are ten things I would have told my younger self:

  1. Just Breathe
  2. Check in with God often
  3. Broken hearts do heal, if you let them
  4. Fake it ’til you make it
  5. It’s okay to be you
  6. You can’t help those who don’t want to help themselves
  7. “They” don’t know what they are talking about
  8. Being perfect doesn’t guarantee a perfect life
  9. Fear will be your biggest competitor
  10. You’re smarter than you think you are

Bonus Tip: Start a shoe savings account now!

Of course, knowing myself when I was 25, I wouldn’t have listened to a word I had to say, Seriously?

This is what a real Cougar looks like!

A Real Cougar!

Television can do a lot for those of us living single. It can bring to light our struggles so that others can feel our pain, sympathize with us or in most cases make fun of our plight. Well, apparently the broadcasting industry has recognized that it’s now time for the life of a Cougar to go mainstream. For those of you who think I’m referring to the Animal Channel and their documentaries on large cats, then let me update you. A Cougar is the nickname for an older woman who dates men at least 8 years her junior typically in their 20s. Hence, the new show called Cougartown.

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Last week, I had the pleasure of discovering that I’ve developed an allergy to poppy seeds (actually the jury is still out on the culprit), despite the fact that I’ve been eating poppy seeds all my life. So of course, upon eating a poppy seed bagel, I was completely shocked when my lip swelled to four times its normal size in less than an hour. Never mind that I had a meeting and a networking event to attend that day as my body decided to severely overreact to my choice of food. WTH? Read the rest of this entry »

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So I blinked and apparently we are now in September 2009. What gives? It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about what I learned in 2008. Why in the world does time seem to fly by the older you get?

When I was a kid, it felt like the days were about 32 hours long and now they seem like they only last for about 16 hours. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that when we’re younger life basically consists of playing, eating a few meals (that someone else prepared for you, no doubt) and sleeping. No wonder the days seemed to drag on forever, there was so little to occupy your time. Then as we get older, we start accumulating activities to manage. More responsibilities at home and work, more relationships to nurture, and more accomplishments you promised yourself you would achieve. Nothing kills time more than thinking you should to be doing something other than what you are doing at this exact moment.

So I’m thinking, maybe I shouldn’t worry about how quickly it seems my life is speeding past me. Instead I’ll cherish all of life’s moments, including when I’m waiting on my computer to reboot after a reboot, or I’m standing in an unnecessarily long line at the grocery store, or (this one is hard) I’m stuck behind some slow poke driver on the road. I’m going to just breathe and remind myself that even these moments are valuable. No need hurrying everything up, after all the end of the journey means your life is over, and that isn’t exactly where I want to be anytime soon. Seriously.

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I just finished celebrating yet another birthday with My Girls at one of our local “go to” spots and as the conversation flowed I had a sudden realization…”Crap, we are getting old”. Not like Shady Pines old, just not young anymore. To be honest, I don’t really feel old and I still think of myself in my late 20s but clearly I’ve aged. How do I know? Try these comments made from our conversation on for starters:

1. I had to take Tums to drinks my Margarita. WTF? My favorite adult beverage now gives me a heartburn. I totally was not prepared, so I had to borrow some from my pregnant friend – who excitedly passed me her stash as she explained about the new cute mini versions of the big bottles. Her words…” they come in a three pack, and I keep my big bottle on my desk”. Yep, popping anti-acids before drinking means we’re getting old.

2. We had no idea how old each other was, including the Birthday Girl…err Woman. Yes, we had to all go around the table and say our age while everyone gasped in shock when it was your turn. Yep, you’re getting old when you can’t remember your friends age and have to do the math to remember yours.

3. We think it’s stupid when we see a young girl not wearing a coat in temperatures below 40 degrees. As we all we’re agreeing vehemently how utterly stupid it was to be outside in the cold weather in a short dress and cute open toed shoes, I had to remind everyone that when we were young we used to it. I remember us running to the club in our tank tops because we were too cheap to pay for coat check and besides it wasn’t cute to walk in the club wearing a big bulky coat. Yep, if you wear a coat when it’s cold despite your destination, you’re getting old.

4. We all were ready to hang a co-worker of Kim’s who didn’t know who Elton John and Billy Joel were…WTF? We all agreed instantly that she was clearly stupid rather than just young. Yep, we’re getting old, when stupidity has to be the reason someone doesn’t know songs from our generation.

5. We all went home at 7:00 pm. There were no “Where to next’s?” or “What we getting into now?” except for one of us who was going to go grocery shopping. It was perfectly acceptable to call it a night…and on a Friday. Gasp, we are getting old.

Hey, I’m happy with where I am in life…great friends, loving family, the ability to emotionally and financially enjoy my life. But it bothers me to realize that the younger generation more than likely thinks we are old. We have become those women who we used to make fun of at the club. Remember, the women who showed up early, probably in their 30s-40s, who would dance to the old school music with their big ole purses under their arms, fully dressed and grabbing their big heavy coats to head home by 10 o’clock. When I was in my 20s, we used to laugh at them and say things like “The party will start when the old ladies leave, ha ha ha”. My only solace is that those 20-something girls who laugh at us now will be writing this same blog post before they know it. Seriously.

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