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Boba Fett/Read His Story

Boba Fett - Read His Story

Okay, the correct spelling is Boba Fett but I like my version better. For those of you who aren’t Star Wars fans (like me obviously), he’s the bounty hunter from the first set of SW movies. 

Kim and I met him last month at our annual local Halloween pub crawl where he won an award for his extremely accurate costume. Well, he certainly left a big impression on us and we can’t stop talking about him. It was probably because he was comfortable being the only straight guy out of his group of gay friends. Or maybe it was that he was more interested in us than the Rainbow Bright peek-a-boo panty show right in front of us. But more than likely it was because underneath the mask he looked like Wentworth Miller from the show Prison Break. Yummy! Regardless of why, we are now on our own hunt for our hot bounty hunter Boba Fett. Any leads would be appreciated. Now, what we do with him once we find him is another story. 

Maybe I’ll give him a lock of my braided hair for his collection. Seriously.

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