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I hate dating games. Don’t call him for at least three days. Don’t accept a date without a weeks notice. No kissing on the first date, and a whole host of other rules and regulations I probably don’t even know.

I want to believe that when you meet the right person there’s a connection that overrides all the unwritten rules and you just go with it. While every dating situation is unique there is one rule that actually has a grain of truth to it. Play hard to get.

As we near the end of my A Seriously Series on Who Let The Dogs In, I recently found myself once again reminded of the importance of point five:

5. Don’t Chase. Be Chased.

This is really a simple concept but I think so many of us forget how it truly works. So I put together a little presentation that explains the art of the chase:

Soapbox Diaries from an Unplanned Single Life!

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