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What woman doesn’t enjoy coming home after a long day on the job to be greeted excitedly by the one being who loves you more than anything. For some lucky gals, this could be their husband or their child, if they are well-behaved of course. And for those who are living single, it may be a cat or perhaps a cat that barks (aka toy dog). It’s a natural part of life, humans long for companionship and crave that bond with other living beings.

However, some women can take it a bit too far by hoarding 20 stray cats, or forcing some poor toy dog to hide in a bag while they do their grocery shopping, and yes while this may seem like a stretch, even house a fully grown chimpanzee. Now we all know that truth is stranger than fiction, so there is really no way I can make this one up. Just google “Woman Attacked by Chimp” to learn about the tragic story of a woman who was viciously attacked by her neighbor’s “pet” chimp, Travis, leaving her disfigured and clinging to life.

I’m not sure what this woman was thinking by harboring a 200 pound monkey in her suburban home. Maybe she was lonely and found companionship in her human-like friend? Or maybe she just needed some help around the house from an animal with an opposable thumb? But at some point, she had to realize that this had the potential to turn out badly, especially when she’d ply him with Xanax and alcohol, and force him to bathe with her.* Frankly, who wouldn’t go ape-shit after an experience like that, seriously?

*I kid you not…look it up.


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