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Cuddly as a Cactus

For the past few years, I’ve made it a habit to change my Instant Messenger avatar to the Grinch as my way of letting the world know how I truly feel about the holiday season. I have several reasons for dreading the month of December which thankfully isn’t the purpose of this post. However, despite my desire to remain cuddly as a cactus until the new year, I do find myself enjoying a few Christmas traditions.

One of those traditions is watching at least one variation of A Christmas Carol. While the original is a great version, I actually enjoy the knock offs more (who would ever have thought I would recommend a knock off of anything). One in particular is Ebbie, played by the Daytime Emmy snubbed Susan Lucci, as she works her way up the department store career ladder to find herself bitter, alone and…well a scrooge. Despite how poorly acted, written and shot this adaption of A Christmas Carol is, I always settle in to watch it, at least up until the part when Tiny Tim begins singing a painful version of “Angels We Have Heard on High”.

So why do I eagerly await the showing of this classic christmas tale? Well, because of the moral. At the end, when the Scrooge character wakes up full of the Christmas spirit, and realizes that he or she should have been giving not taking, that life is too short for frugality and resentment, and that this is the time of the year to spend with your family and friends, I can’t help but get teary-eyed. I hate to say this, but I am a little like Scrooge. I don’t enjoy this time of year, but after watching that movie I remember that being surrounded by people I love and who love me is a blessing.

This past weekend was another one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season; my girlfriends’ annual holiday party. We eat, drink fancy cocktails, and laugh so hard we shed tears. I wish I could tell you exactly what is so funny, or why such an electic group of women have so much fun together, but in my heart I know it’s simply the bond of friendship. Thinking back on the year my friends endured, I realized that:

  • One of us became a mother;
  • Another lost a very important person in her life;
  • A few of us struggled to find good jobs in a tough economy;
  • Two of us worked hard to raise beautiful and smart daughters;
  • Half of us fought to maintain a healthy relationship with our mothers;
  • Some of us endured a lonely night or two in search of the one;
  • And all of us were there for each other through it all.

So this holiday season I’m going to remember to smile a bit more as I cherish the times I spend with those I love and thank God for truly blessing us, every one. Seriously!

Smerry Christmas Ladies!

8 days of christmas

Our version of a friend contract!

Santa's Mailbox

Hook Me Up, Santa!

Dear Santa:

At some point this year, I’m secretly hoping that your laptop (just like so many others) probably caught a nasty Facebook virus which corrupted all your files, so you may have little to no record of my actual behavior this year. In my opinion, I was relatively nice but I’m sure your methods of measurement may be significantly different than mine. Have you every thought about grading on a curve? In the event that I was more naughty than either of us remember I’ll keep it short. All I want this year for Christmas is:

  • A facelift soap that not only cleanses but removes those pesky aging marks as soon as you rinse it off. This will significantly shorten my morning/evening ritual of applying facial lotions and creams in hopes of perserving what’s left of my youthfulness.
  • A Staples “Easy” button for those days I can’t get it together and don’t have a prayer in the world of doing so in a reasonable about of time.
  • A real life Ken doll without the fused private parts, of course. Depending on my mood in 2010, I may ask for a brain for him next Christmas.
  • Frankly, any pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Oh, and a place for me and Ken to go so I can show them off.

Hopefully, you have my address saved in your GPS, so feel free to leave the gifts at the foot of the fireplace since I don’t have a Christmas tree. The glass of wine and cheese plate is for you, take as much as you want. Shoot me a text message if you any questions.

With much appreciation,

Yours Truly

P.S. – Despite what the CBS Cares public service announcement team seems to think, I do not in any way, shape or form want a Pap Smear for Christmas. Seriously?

Holiday Cheer

A few of these and you won't care!

You gotta love America. We are so focused on making money and buying presents that if we could, we would just skip over Thanksgiving and head straight into the Christmas season. Personally, I’m not a fan of Christmas, mainly for this reason, but also because of the unruly shopping crowds, annoying Christmas music blasting from every radio station, and the dreaded dateless holiday parties. Read the rest of this entry »

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting our annual dirty Santa party with the girls. This year, we decided to play the Secret Santa version and each lady was required to draw a name and then buy a “naughty” gift for that person. And these girls went all out this year.

After a delicious spread of hors devours, provided by myself, which included roast beef on sweet rolls, fingerling potatoes with sour cream and caviar, caramelized onion toasts, white bean dip with pita chips, and chocolate covered strawberries, it was time for the gift giving to begin. I’ve never seen so many grown women get so excited about their gifts. I can’t give out the details cause this blog is rated PG-13, but let’s just say the gifts included restraints, a few blindfolds, very comfortable positioners, some great “massagers”, and even a book on how to make your own sex toys! Who says Santa doesn’t give good gifts to naughty girls. Or, maybe it’s that Santa gives good girls naughty gifts.

After a mind boggling game of Dirty Minds, a few girls high tailed it out of there to go “play” with their presents. Of course, the remaining group ended up slumming it at the Waffle House for some late night grease. No one could have guessed we had just consumed caviar a few hours earlier. From class to trash in less than 3 hours…these are my girlfriends, seriously. 

Merry Christmas All!

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