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I hate dating games. Don’t call him for at least three days. Don’t accept a date without a weeks notice. No kissing on the first date, and a whole host of other rules and regulations I probably don’t even know.

I want to believe that when you meet the right person there’s a connection that overrides all the unwritten rules and you just go with it. While every dating situation is unique there is one rule that actually has a grain of truth to it. Play hard to get.

As we near the end of my A Seriously Series on Who Let The Dogs In, I recently found myself once again reminded of the importance of point five:

5. Don’t Chase. Be Chased.

This is really a simple concept but I think so many of us forget how it truly works. So I put together a little presentation that explains the art of the chase:

A couple of months ago I started dating a man that had two boys that lived with him most of the time – and most of you know, I am not a KID person – so this was a stretch for me. The first time I went to his house for a romantic dinner it turned into a nightmare. The kids were suddenly dropped off by their mother 5 minutes before I arrived – found that out when I rang the doorbell. I told him that I could leave and we could do this another night – but he said “well you have to meet them eventually”. I went in smiling – BIG MISTAKE.

The boys Five & Eight were WILD – and I know I am not use to boys, but they were literally running around the house – hitting each other – one even head-butted me in the stomach (and like an idiot I just kept smiling – oh how I TRIED). After a very long dinner – where the 5 year old got under the table and hit me on the shin, I was going to feign a headache and leave – but the 8 year old was beginning to grow on me and asked if I wanted to play a game. Again, I stupidly said YES.

Well we played the game SORRY – been a while but you can basically screw your opponent over and send them back to homebase. Keep in mind that I am not the type of person to let kids win – just because they are kids – and I was kicking their little butts! The 5 year old got under the table again after I kept beating him and refused to play anymore – I was sure he was going to bite me or something. The 8 year old thought that beating his little brother was the funniest thing until I started beating him too. I immediately sent two of his pieces back and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said “I don’t like you and don’t want you to be my mom” – HOLY COW – I calmly replied, “I don’t want to be your mother, I just want to beat you at SORRY and I guess I am getting what I want”. Meanwhile, my date was mortified (as he should be).  We broke up shortly after this evening.

I guess this just reiterates the facts that kids are just not my thing…unless it is my own….SERIOUSLY!

OK…picture this – Thanksgiving (Tom, collards, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mac-n-cheese, cranberry sauce) and 5 bottles of wine later – 5 people playing UNO attacks – have you ever played Uno Attacks? It is slightly perverted…(just like Mika and me) – similar to Uno except you have to hit a button and it will either “spit” out zero cards at you or eight. So you are somewhat scared to touch the “button” – are you going to be screwed over if you touch it – or will something good happen from it.  Because speaking from experience (and Mika is agreeing) it is not always bad to be “spit at”. Wow – it is too similar to real life – so we had to quit playing and now we are watching “The Rose”.   Who knew that a “family friendly” game could be so clearly wrong! Or is just us? Are we the perverted, jaded women who just need to enjoy a game and not tie it to our sexual relations?  

Maybe we should just play “old maid”….seriously!

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