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Throughout my life I’ve generally been more successful at having female friends rather than male ones. It frustrates me somewhat because I think having a guy friend to pal around with can be a lot of fun. They are able to offer a different perspective on dating, they can be great wingmen (if used properly), and who couldn’t use a dose of testosterone to help with the heavy lifting around the house. However, finding a true male friend tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

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Mika and I looked fabulous on Friday night – she was “oh so tight” in a sweater dress/boots – and I was “kicking it” in jeans – silk tank/blazer. We went to an “fabulous party ” full of HOT men…who told us all night long “wow, you guys are PRETTY” – “Mika, you look so HOT in that dress” – “Kim, come make out with me under the mistletoe”.

You would think that this would be a CRAZY evening full of debauchery and fabulous stories – unfortunately all of them were GAY (except for 2 straight men that were taken). At one point I looked at Mika and said “seriously, WTF – are we doing here”. We said our goodbyes because honestly we both were getting a little “frustrated” (if you know what I mean). 

I realized that I would have much rather been home that evening doing the following: hot shower, nyquil and QUALITY time with myself, SERIOUSLY!

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Contrary to what you might believe…or wish – Mika and I are only BFF’s we are not “girlfriends” nor are we a “married” couple. So please, when you see me (or Mika) do not ask automatically – “hey, where is Mika” what is she up to….yes, more than likely, I know where Mika is, or I have already asked her to go out – but again WE ARE NOT A COUPLE. Although, if it wasn’t for the lesbian sex we would make the PERFECT couple. (Just not into that)

We are best friends – we trust one another (as a good couple should) – we “get” one another – we truly enjoy one another’s company – she is the ying to my yang – the ebony to my ivory (that was too easy) – the peanut butter to my jelly (yes, I get to be the jelly as I am curvier)

Just like they learn in final episode of “Sex in the City” – Men will come and go, but your girlfriends will always be there for you….just like Mika is for me…SERIOUSLY!

and this is why…they do nothing but tell you how pretty, how special you are and how much they love you all the time….and they want absolutely nothing from you….but maybe a little kiss now and then!  They will take you to fabulous parties, they love to go shopping with you and they always smell GREAT! 

The best part is…you can talk about hot guys – the couple that plays together, stays together! 

I keep asking my best gay boyfriend to marry me…I think he might eventually relent (at least to keep his mother happy)….I might be happier with him….SERIOUSLY!

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