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Ah, birthdays! The one time of year where your loved ones take the time to celebrate your life through parties, sweet treats, and let’s not forget, gifts. This past Friday was my 36th birthday, and not to be outdone by my family and friends, my own body decided to bestow upon me a few presents just to say here’s to another year:

  1. The gift of a rash, apparently from the mixture of firming lotion and my previous year’s gift of having to now wear Spandx. FYI: Lotion + Spandx = Rash!
  2. The gift of an even lower tolerance for dairy products. I’ll spare you the details of this surprise present, but apparently each year, I should expect my lactose tolerance to significantly go down.
  3. The gift of required napping. I’ve rarely required an afternoon nap to finish out the day but apparently I’m now able to fall asleep with sunlight streaming through the windows, the TV on full blast, and sirens blaring in the background.

While I’ve had a wonderful birthday weekend celebrating with family and friends, it seems my body simply wasn’t going to let me forget that I am indeed another year older. Seriously!


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting our annual dirty Santa party with the girls. This year, we decided to play the Secret Santa version and each lady was required to draw a name and then buy a “naughty” gift for that person. And these girls went all out this year.

After a delicious spread of hors devours, provided by myself, which included roast beef on sweet rolls, fingerling potatoes with sour cream and caviar, caramelized onion toasts, white bean dip with pita chips, and chocolate covered strawberries, it was time for the gift giving to begin. I’ve never seen so many grown women get so excited about their gifts. I can’t give out the details cause this blog is rated PG-13, but let’s just say the gifts included restraints, a few blindfolds, very comfortable positioners, some great “massagers”, and even a book on how to make your own sex toys! Who says Santa doesn’t give good gifts to naughty girls. Or, maybe it’s that Santa gives good girls naughty gifts.

After a mind boggling game of Dirty Minds, a few girls high tailed it out of there to go “play” with their presents. Of course, the remaining group ended up slumming it at the Waffle House for some late night grease. No one could have guessed we had just consumed caviar a few hours earlier. From class to trash in less than 3 hours…these are my girlfriends, seriously. 

Merry Christmas All!

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