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I’m a child of the 80’s. The decade when it was a big deal to get cable TV, a VCR and call waiting. I didn’t grow up in this generation of technology where there are at least 10 different ways to communicate with your friends and family. When a boy wanted to ask me out on a date, he would call my “landline” (provided by Bellsouth) and if I was home I would take his call. If I wasn’t home, he’d have to leave a message with my mother and/or call back later. Really quite a simple concept. Ah, but then the world of technology took over.

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While sitting at a bar one Saturday night, a young man saddled up besides me clutching an iPhone. Since I’m a big Apple fan, owning many Mac products, I asked him if that was the new 3GS iPhone he was flashing around. “Oh yes,” he gloats, “I just got this one last night at Walmart. I do love my electronicals.”  Electronicals? Did I hear him correctly?

As an avid iPhone fan I wanted to see how much of an “electronical” guru this guy was professing to be. So I proceed…

“Well, that’s not the latest iPhone then since you got it at Walmart. Is there a reason you decided to get the older version when the new 3GS just came out this week?” (As I was thinking…for someone who loves his electronicals).

Since I spend hours every day with tech geeks, I was preparing for a healthy conversation about which version was better, why the latest phone wasn’t ready or that it was lacking in features.

“Cause, it was $99” he said as if it was a no-brainer.

Well that explains it I thought; electronical was the perfect word. Seriously?

It’s my belief that every wise woman should take the time to reflect upon her life and acknowledge any life lessons she has learned. With it being the last day of 2008, it only seems appropriate that I blog about the top 5 things I learned this past year.

1. “Sinners Have Souls Too!” including me and Kim. And who would have thought that we would have found a cool church that embraced us for who we are with no judgments. Yea God!

2. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work. And if you aren’t careful you can lose months of your life in the process. I’m pretty sure we had a summer this past year, but we spent most of it helping plan the Fabulous Wedding of my sister.

3. I’m NOT a fan of all God’s creatures. Actually, I already knew this but after facing iguanas in Aruba and then maggots in my closet, I can without a doubt now add these two critters to my already long list. 

4. History Ain’t So Bad After All, especially when you have a hand in it. What a wonderful and memorable experience it was to watch the USA elect their first black president. I heart Obama!

5. Face to face interaction is essential to any relationship. Look, I’m all for technology – I love Facebook, can’t go anywhere without my iPhone, enjoy telling stories on our blog, and would be lost without email or texting. But at the end of the day, I need face time, touch time and talk time with the people in my life, and if a man can’t give me that he’s not the one for me. Besides, I’m not quite ready to embrace cybersex.

Just like any year, 2008 had its ups and its downs, but it turned out to be a good personal growth year. However, I’m looking forward to the new year – Everything’s FINE in OH-9!

Happy New Year Everyone…Seriously!

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