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As some of you may know over the past 1 1/2 years I have sporadically “dated” someone much younger than me (11 years – yes, I guess technically I am a COUGAR – GGGRRRR)….anyway this past 4th of July – Mika, Kelly, Luci, Jacob (his family) and I went to the Brentwood Music/Fireworks show…unbeknownst to me my little cub hunted me down at the event and decided to latch himself onto me for most of the evening  – Kelly was wondering who the kid was that kept sitting next to me and talking (yes, he does look awfully young). Anyway, we were enjoying adult beverages and at the end of the night my cub asked me if I wanted to come over to his parents house where he was staying that weekend – as they were out of town.

We could go swimming and shoot off more fireworks (b/c kids love their fireworks). Normally, I would not go to a guys parents house – but like I said I had been indulging in adult beverages. So of course, the answer was “YES”!!! Well I will spare most of the details – use your imagination – at one point we were in the pool and we were laughing/screaming so much the neighbors came out and just stared at us – OH MY.  I also broke two toes in the pool that evening (another story)

The next morning, as I was doing the “walk of shame” out of the house I looked over at the neighbors and there was the “dad” washing the car, just staring at me. I waved and said “hello, hope we weren’t too loud last night” – he looked at me like I was going to burn in hell – I am sure he told my cubs parents when they came home  – OH WELL. (From what I understand he has not been asked to housesit since then- HAHA)

I guess I learned a lesson – I am still going to do things like that, just try to be a little quieter – SERIOUSLY!

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