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Holiday Cheer

A few of these and you won't care!

You gotta love America. We are so focused on making money and buying presents that if we could, we would just skip over Thanksgiving and head straight into the Christmas season. Personally, I’m not a fan of Christmas, mainly for this reason, but also because of the unruly shopping crowds, annoying Christmas music blasting from every radio station, and the dreaded dateless holiday parties. Read the rest of this entry »

Wow, I just attended the type of event that is perfect for single men and women! I’m talking the most beautiful singles from my city…dressed in their best party clothes (yes, even the boys wore jackets and got their hair did) with great food, cocktails, and music. It was like going to a buffet of single business professionals, musicians and athletes ranging from 20 – 50 plus years old. But it fell flat…why oh why?

1. It was on a school night. Most professionals I know have to go to work the next day, so hanging out all night waiting for every one else’s liquid courage to kick in can be tough. Give us a Friday night, I think all hell would have broken loose.

2. There was nothing to bond over. Everyone kept asking each other, is this it? Initially I was excited to hear that they were auctioning off 20 profiled singles, but it turned out to be a silent auction. Boo! How fun would it have been to watch everyone bid on these people while we made fun of the low bids and giggled like school girls over the hot ones?

3. Several “singles” brought dates…or maybe just wing-men/women but they acted like a couple. I mean come on, it’s hard enough to mix and mingle at this type of event without having to ask yourself, is he really single? I’m still perplexed as to why you would “c—block” yourself at an event dedicated to hooking people up. For goodness sakes, at least have the decency to leave your girlfriend at home.

4. Too many exes. Yes, we live in a relatively big city, but without a doubt you will run into some exes at this type of event – ex-co-workers, ex-dates, ex-boyfriends. It’s a little weird hooking yourself up with all your exes looking on…and yeah, I got to experience that situation. Ouch!

5. People were getting hooked up who weren’t even there…WTF? I met this cute girl who literally gave a guy her friends number – and her friend wasn’t even at the event. Hey, you must be present to win! This girl got hooked up while sitting at home in her jammies watching American Idol. Um, not fair!

The potential was clearly there, but most of the guests expressed frustration with the event designed to hook the singles in our city up. Hey, at least I know that there are some good looking single men in my backyard. Who knows, if the above wasn’t true maybe I would have bid on a guy or two if I’d had the liquid courage and the rest of the group cheering me on…seriously.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting our annual dirty Santa party with the girls. This year, we decided to play the Secret Santa version and each lady was required to draw a name and then buy a “naughty” gift for that person. And these girls went all out this year.

After a delicious spread of hors devours, provided by myself, which included roast beef on sweet rolls, fingerling potatoes with sour cream and caviar, caramelized onion toasts, white bean dip with pita chips, and chocolate covered strawberries, it was time for the gift giving to begin. I’ve never seen so many grown women get so excited about their gifts. I can’t give out the details cause this blog is rated PG-13, but let’s just say the gifts included restraints, a few blindfolds, very comfortable positioners, some great “massagers”, and even a book on how to make your own sex toys! Who says Santa doesn’t give good gifts to naughty girls. Or, maybe it’s that Santa gives good girls naughty gifts.

After a mind boggling game of Dirty Minds, a few girls high tailed it out of there to go “play” with their presents. Of course, the remaining group ended up slumming it at the Waffle House for some late night grease. No one could have guessed we had just consumed caviar a few hours earlier. From class to trash in less than 3 hours…these are my girlfriends, seriously. 

Merry Christmas All!

Mika and I looked fabulous on Friday night – she was “oh so tight” in a sweater dress/boots – and I was “kicking it” in jeans – silk tank/blazer. We went to an “fabulous party ” full of HOT men…who told us all night long “wow, you guys are PRETTY” – “Mika, you look so HOT in that dress” – “Kim, come make out with me under the mistletoe”.

You would think that this would be a CRAZY evening full of debauchery and fabulous stories – unfortunately all of them were GAY (except for 2 straight men that were taken). At one point I looked at Mika and said “seriously, WTF – are we doing here”. We said our goodbyes because honestly we both were getting a little “frustrated” (if you know what I mean). 

I realized that I would have much rather been home that evening doing the following: hot shower, nyquil and QUALITY time with myself, SERIOUSLY!

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