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This past week, I was in the fabulous city of Chicago attending a compensation event sponsored by my former/new employer, Bank Director magazine. My job was to blog and tweet on the various sessions, record a few video interviews, and conduct some low level market research on the use of smart phones in the banking industry. I know, sounds like a ton of fun, but I have to admit that I did learn a lot which I know will make my banker friends proud.

Of course, one can not fly the hour and a half to Chicago, stay in a four star hotel on Michigan avenue, and find themselves with a few hours to spare without doing some shopping. Oh, I was just giddy with excitement at the possibility of walking up and down the Magnificent Mile visiting my favorite stores including Aldo, Coach, and Burberry.”

Unfortunately, the shopping gods were not smiling on me this brisk November afternoon, as I was having no luck falling in love with that must have item (sounds a lot like my love life, maybe my ticker is broken). Nonetheless, I pressed on with my co-worker, who by the way was walking out of every store with an adorable handbag, before hitting our last stop, the go to store for all things shoes — MACYS!

As I was circling the tables loaded with the season’s latest open-toed boots and stiletto heels, I found myself face to face with a middle-aged black man who had apparently just bounced off the escalator. “Hey there”, he starts as I try to move past him. “You’re the size that I wish my fiance was.” I freeze in my tracks as I brace myself for the conversation that had nowhere to go but down from there. With a quizzical look on my face, all I could manage to do was nod once and raise my eyebrows in anticipation.

question marks

Seriously Confused!

Ignoring my look of concern, he continues. “We just got engaged and I told her I was going to have a hard time carrying her across the threshold.” He snickers as my look goes from concern to mortified. But he continues, “she’s about 40 pounds heavier than you, and she complains that I just want her to be the fun size”. At that point, it was very clear that this guy was full of nonsense. The fun size? I immediately turn around and walk off in the other direction never once uttering a single word at this guys ridiculous attempt at…what?

As I began checking out the sales rack, I wondered what was his motivation for those bizarre comments. Was he trying to compliment me by acknowledging that I had a nice figure, which seems odd to me since I have nothing in the way of curves? Was he trying to hit on me, but why start off acknowledging that he had a fiance? Was he trying to make fun of me by using his girlfriends snide remarks about skinny girls?

Just as I was giving up on my shoe search, I came to the conclusion that he was just an idiot who had suckered some poor girl into marrying him and she had no idea he was talking badly about her to other women. Mystery solved. Now if I could just find a pair of fun shoes in my size, seriously?


I love clothes. Although, I love shoes and purses more, I’m still all about having a good fashion sense. If I didn’t have to pay for a roof over my head, heat and food, I would probably wear the latest designer labels, own more than just my burberry and coach bags, and create my own slice of heaven with a walk-in shoe closet.

I understand and respect that most people do not share my love of fashion. Not everyone comes from a line of women who consider shopping a sport or own so many articles of clothing that they never wear the same thing twice. However, I do believe that every woman should embrace a personal style and dress nicely where appropriate. Contrary to what people think it does not take a lot of money to have a sense of style and the capability to dress up. (TJMaxx and friends.)

As I move about in today’s society, particularly in this country, I can’t help but notice the lack of style and fashion sense. When I was growing up, which despite my perception wasn’t that long ago, people would get dolled up when they traveled on an airplane, went to see a play or ballet, and without question, on a job interview. Yes, the days of business suits are long gone but come on people, crocs and oversized jeans is not business casual. So for those who think that dressing nicely is an act of vanity and an unnecessary evil, let me share some thoughts with you on why dressing for the occasion is in your best interest:

1. Boosts your self confidence. Yes, sweat pants are comfortable but they were made for working out, not to wear to dinner, work or church. Try and remember the last time you put on a new outfit that fit like glove? Nothing gives you a shot of confidence like doning a well put together outfit. When it fits, matches and is stylish, you feel good about yourself and everyone else can see it.

2. Gains respect and admiration. Unfortunately, people do judge a book by it’s cover and first impressions count. Looking nice and put together let’s others know that you care about yourself and have a good sense of self worth. If you’re in a position of power, trying to bring in sales, or need to connect with other people, then schlepping around in an ill-fitted, age inappropriate or out of date outfit isn’t going to help your cause. At least put on an outfit that fits your body type.

3. Outlet for expressing yourself. I realize this is the stumbling block for most people. You don’t know what looks good, but frankly not trying looks even worse. With all the fashion shows on television now, I’m sure you can find a look that expresses your sense of style. Are you a classic, hippy or trendsetter? Everyone has got a style about them, and clothes are one of the best ways to express who you are as a person.

It just doesn’t make sense for grown women to be paying so little attention to themselves and their appearance. When the occasion calls for some respect and appreciation, please put on a dress instead of a pair of old jeans, pull on a pair of sandals instead of your beach flip flops, and apply some make up to brighten up your face. I bet with just little more effort, you’ll discover that you see a few more head turns your way, walk a little bit taller and feel a bit better about yourself, seriously?

Despite my efforts to avoid this scenario at all costs, I recently had the pleasure of shopping for new bed coverings with a married woman. Her quest (provided by her husband) was to have a friend help her find “inspiration” for a new bedroom color palette. Of course, we had a set of criteria we had to adhere to, including but not limited to nothing blue, too girly or containing sequins. Oh-kay, I thought, this should be fun. As we browsed through the store full of every imaginable type of comforter sets, I did my part and picked out patterns that I thought would work for them. To which she would say “Oh my husband won’t like that”, or “that won’t work” and my favorite “I love this but my husband won’t go for it”. At which point, I realized that I’m the last person who should be helping her look for a bedspread. Her husband should just suck it up and bring his butt to the store so they could decide together what color their bedroom should be. So from that moment on, I just starting pointing out which comforters I thought would work for my bedroom as we oohhh and ahhhed over all the options. It turned out to be much more fun. After all, since I’m single I can chose a bedspread in whatever color scheme I want, as girly as they come and dolled up with hundreds of sequins.

Looks like I’m going to be re-decorating my bedroom sometime soon…seriously?

Some days it’s really hard being single, and then there are days like yesterday when I realize being single rocks! As I was doing my bi-weekly grocery shopping, I strolled down the very crowded diary aisle to make my usual stop at the ice cream door. I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about purchasing ice cream so I thought well I’ll see if anything jumps out at me. However, I had to wait for a couple in front of me to select their ice cream of choice which happened to be vanilla per the woman’s decision. As they walked off, I heard the husband go, “what flavor did you get?” “Vanilla” barked the woman. “Can’t we get another kind?” asked the husband. “No this is all we can afford. Let’s go” the woman demanded.

Wow! For crying out loud I thought, let the poor guy at least have a say in the flavor especially if you can only get one pint. Then I started smiling to myself, Boo-Yah! I can have whatever flavor I like – no questions asked…ahh, these are the days when it’s good to be single. Seriously

Not like an average girl “addicted”, to your everyday cute pair of black seasonal pumps for $70 at Off Broadway. Nope, I’m more like borderline rehab ADDICTED…to shoes that I pay too much for but will wear once or twice a season, shoes in colors I have no outfit to match, or shoes that I continue to wear to the point I’m physically pulling my toes apart from toe cramps (man those hurt).

It must be because my “shoes” are my “man” while I search for Mr. Right. Why? Cause my shoes make me feel special, hot and worth every single penny! Who needs a man, Seriously!

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