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While sitting at a bar one Saturday night, a young man saddled up besides me clutching an iPhone. Since I’m a big Apple fan, owning many Mac products, I asked him if that was the new 3GS iPhone he was flashing around. “Oh yes,” he gloats, “I just got this one last night at Walmart. I do love my electronicals.”  Electronicals? Did I hear him correctly?

As an avid iPhone fan I wanted to see how much of an “electronical” guru this guy was professing to be. So I proceed…

“Well, that’s not the latest iPhone then since you got it at Walmart. Is there a reason you decided to get the older version when the new 3GS just came out this week?” (As I was thinking…for someone who loves his electronicals).

Since I spend hours every day with tech geeks, I was preparing for a healthy conversation about which version was better, why the latest phone wasn’t ready or that it was lacking in features.

“Cause, it was $99” he said as if it was a no-brainer.

Well that explains it I thought; electronical was the perfect word. Seriously?

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